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Yes, you can get an offer without listing your home.

A Redwood Offer is a revolutionary refinement of a process that has served CENTURY 21 since 1971. We’re doing what we’ve always done best— connecting buyers and sellers—but we’re doing it with dramatically increased speed and certainty.
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A Redwood Offer saves you time and money.

Couple entering their address into the Redwood Offers app

Step 1 Tell us your address

Type in your address and answer a few short questions. We’ll immediately send you a market valuation and call you to learn more about you and your home.

Couple meeting with their agent to receive their Redwood Offer

Step 2 Get Your Offer

In most cases we will present you with an offer in person within 3 business days.

A family standing in the foyer of their Dream Home

Step 3 Buy Your Dream Home

Your closing will take place within 2-3 weeks and you’ll be free to negotiate the purchase of your next home!

A family having fun on Moving Day

Step 4 Avoid Moving Twice

After the sale, you’ll have the option to remain in your home, paying fair-market rent, until the purchase of your next home is complete.

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Do you have any questions?

If you have questions you can call us anytime at 202-815-0925 or look for the answer in these FAQs.

Are offers made through Redwood Offers negotiable?

In submitting their offers, investors will stipulate whether they will consider a counter-offer.

How much do you charge for Redwood Offers?

Our fee for selling your home through Redwood Offers is no different than the fee we charge sellers who use our Redwood Listings process: 6% of the final purchase price, plus $200. An interested investor could prospectively request an additional fee, which will be disclosed upfront.

Are contracts derived from a Redwood Offers program assignable to other purchasers?

Contracts submitted by an affiliated investor are assignable to other purchasers, provided the assigned price is not higher than the price stated in your signed contract. We will never make additional profit by selling our contract to a higher bidder, but for the purpose of retaining capital for the purchase of additional homes, our affiliated investors may find it advantageous to have an alternative investor make the investment. Contracts submitted by non-affiliated investors are not assignable.

No, it really is that easy. And it gets easier.

A Redwood Offer dramatically speeds up the home sale process, enabling you to access your equity sooner without sacrificing your home's value. And you can avoid moving twice and owning two homes!


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